Below is a list of resources compiled by Honey Bee Watch on the topics of free-living (aka "wild" or "feral") bees, sustainable beekeeping, natural beekeeping, bee-centric beekeeping, treatment-free beekeeping, and more.

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Honey Bees in the Wild, Part 1: "What Can We Learn from Them?"
Roger Patterson, National Honey Show 2017
Website to share stories and projects about free-living honey bees
Research Paper

A Plea for Use of Honey Bees’ Natural Resilience in Beekeeping 
Blacquière, T. et al., 2018
Private Facebook group connected by the practice of and interest in Zeidlerei, aka tree beekeeping
Dr. Margarita López-Uribe, Alternative Beekeeping Conference 2019
Dr. Przemysław Nawrocki, Learning from the Bees | Berlin 2019 conference
Preserving and protecting honey bees through rewilding
Rewilding Honeybees short documentary by Cameron Nielson
A rewilding project in Central Portugal to regenerate 25 acres into a biodiverse landscape, with bees as an integral element
Sustainable beekeeping in North Hampshire, UK, emphasizing hives with minimal intervention


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