Below is a list of resources compiled by Honey Bee Watch on the topics of free-living (aka "wild" or "feral") honey bees, sustainable beekeeping, natural/bee-centric beekeeping, treatment-free beekeeping, and more.

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Introduction to Honey Bee Watch
Project Director of Honey Bee Watch and moderator of the Symposia Series, Steve Rogenstein introduces our study, its mission, vision, objectives, current situation, past and future events, and how you can get involved.
Honey Bee Watch Symposia Series
Monitoring Protocols (28 June 2023)
Jovana Bila Dubaić 
(Part 1)
Jovana shares her team's research of free-living honey bees in Belgrade, Serbia, and talks about their monitoring protocol.
Honey Bee Watch Symposia Series
Monitoring Protocols (28 June 2023)
Grace McCormack 
(Part 2)
Grace shares her team's research of free-living honey bees throughout Ireland, and talks about their monitoring protocol.
Honey Bee Watch Symposia Series
Monitoring Protocols (28 June 2023)
Filipe Salbany 
(Part 3)
Filipe shares his team's research of free-living honey bees at Blenheim Palace & Estate (UK), and talks about their monitoring protocol.
Honey Bee Watch Symposia Series
Monitoring Protocols (28 June 2023)
Prof. Thomas Seeley 
(Part 4)
Tom shares his research of free-living honey bees in the Arnot Forest in upstate New York, and talks about his monitoring protocol.
Honey Bee Watch Café
(Part 1, 20 July 2023)

Paul Honigmann tours his Oxfordshire village and shares what signs he searches for when siting free-living honey bee nests
Honey Bee Watch Café
(Part 2, 20 July 2023)

Nichol Ruth Piniak explores the connection between humidity and bee health in Bermuda and talks about colony removals in Canada
Honey Bee Watch Café
(Part 3, 20 July 2023)

Jack Golds reflects on his free-living-bees journey and discusses making and installing horizontal cork hives in Portugal
IUCN Red List status for Apis mellifera
De la Rúa, P.; Paxton, R.J.; Moritz, R.F.A.; Roberts, S.; Allen, D.J.; Pinto, M.A.; Cauia, E.; Fontana, P.; Kryger, P.; Bouga, M.; Buechler, R.; Costa, C.; Crailsheim, K.; Meixner, M.; Siceanu, A. & Kemp, J.R.
Honey Bees in the Wild, Part 1: "What Can We Learn from Them?"
Roger Patterson, National Honey Show 2017
Website to share stories and projects about free-living honey bees
Research Paper

A Plea for Use of Honey Bees’ Natural Resilience in Beekeeping 
Blacquière, T. & Panziera, D., 2018
Private Facebook group connected by the practice of and interest in Zeidlerei, aka tree beekeeping
Dr. Margarita López-Uribe, Alternative Beekeeping Conference 2019
Dr. Przemysław Nawrocki, Learning from the Bees | Berlin 2019 conference
Article (download)
Article (download)

A Citizen Science Study of Wild Colonies of Honey Bees
Seeley, T., Natural Bee Husbandry #15, May 2020
Research Paper
Article (download)

Free-Living Colonies: Trick or Treat?
Dall'Olio, R. & Garrido, C., Bee World vol 98, 2020
Article (download)

Comparative monitoring of free-living honey bee colonies in three Western European regions
Lang, U., Albouy, V. & Zewen, C., Natural Bee Husbandry #23, 2022
Article (download)

Feral Honey Bees in Baja, California
Licón Luna, R.M., Natural Bee Husbandry #19, 2021
What We Can Learn from Wild Honey Bees
Grace McCormack, National Honey Show 2022
Research Paper (download)

Urban ecosystem drives genetic diversity in feral honey bee
Patenković, A. et al., 2022
Article (download)

Beekeeping (R)evolution: a Species Protection Program
Schiffer, T., Natural Bee Husbandry #12, 2019
Wild Bees in Hollow Power Poles in Galicia, Spain
Patrick Kohl, Alejandro Machado, Benjamin Rutschmann
Preserving and protecting honey bees through rewilding
Rewilding Honeybees short documentary by Cameron Nielson
Honey bee conservation and the reforestation of a 25-acre pine monoculture in Central Portugal
Sustainable beekeeping in North Hampshire, UK, emphasizing hives with minimal intervention

Honey bee conservation and rewilding through habitat creation, education, and advocacy

Bractwo Bartne
Tree hive construction, installation, maintenance, workshops, and education in Poland's Augustow Primeval Forest
Sa Bienen Imkerei
Tree-beekeeping courses, exhibitions, projects, and consulting in Germany


Project Director: Steve Rogenstein at The Ambeessadors
Science Director: Arrigo Moro at University of Galway

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